Sunday, February 20, 2005

There are turkeys here - we see them almost every day. I should have taken this one in color. Maybe I will try that later this afternoon. Someone once told me that the hardest thing to see "in the wild" are wild turkeys. Such sightings come quite easily here. I never knew that they could fly - it takes them a while to rev up, but, like a plane, once they get enough of ground speed up, they are aloft. They make quite a racket when they do so.
Monastery Photos

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Weary Hag said...

Beautiful photos - all of them. You're right about the sounds and exertion of the wild turkeys taking off! We have tons of them in this part of Connecticut. I pass a field every time I'm on my way to work and it's full of them. They are also VERY slow to get out of the way. No wonder the world-famous jokes weren't made about turkeys crossing the road.