Sunday, April 10, 2005

Abbey Church - the following batch of photos are mostly of the Church. The play of light changes with each hour and is beautiful. These I took in mid-afternoon.
Monastery Photos


Truthseeker said...

Hello again, your pictures are wonderful, I especially like these with the blue light on the stone columns.

I haven't posted anything on my blog since before the death of John Paul II. Though I am not a Catholic, I have been mourning the loss of such a strong and courageous servant of God. He will be missed,and this world needs the stability he gave us. May the next Vicar of Christ be as strong and courageous. I ask you to pray for me, life is testing me at this time.

Yours in Christ, Truthseeker.

Sask 1 said...

Once again some beautiful photos of your monastary

karen said...

I have been grieving so over the loss of Papa John Paul. I loved him so, and still do. I do know he is in the arms of the Eternal Heart... I do know that, but my flesh still seems to mourn. And ache. How this light you captured comforts and assures me that our dearly beloved Holy Father is within a mysterious, tender Presence, rapt with unspeakable, silent Love. Blessings on you and your struggles. And your dear mother. Karen