Saturday, June 24, 2006

ET (Eutropius) and Chaminade in the bakery this past Tuesday. We make our fruit cakes there and I think there are plans to make fudge there, as well. There is ample space there for both types of cooking.
ET is from Jacksonville and came here in 1994. He is the main plumber here and has several other jobs as well.
Chaminade is from Ohio and he maintains our website He is also gifted with writing and photography. I hope to do a book with him one of these days - pictures of our life here with some essays..

Augustine is out tallest monk. He is easy to spot in any crowd. He is originally from Chicago. He was professed last year. He has many jobs here, one of which is assigning the work among the monks and making sure that things run smoothly - not an easy job because of the size of the place and the constant need for manpower. He does well with it though and things that need to be done get done.

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Truthseeker said...

James, thanks for reopening your site. I have missed your pictures and writing. Thank you for stopping in at Worthythinking and leaving me the notice.

I have a blog listed on my blog roll, The Anchoress, who is rather well known in the blogosphere for her writing. She is Catholic and has a brother that I believe comes to your monastery for retreats. I only know his first name, it is Thom. I had passed your site address to The Anchoress sometime back, and she mentioned that Thom has been to your monastery. She said some day she would like to come too; I do not know her real name, but I do enjoy her writings, especially when she writes about her Catholic faith.

I have a son and a daughter that each have families and live near Augusta, Ga. Sometime, if the Lord wills, I would enjoy coming to your monastery and bringing them along to visit, also, I have always wanted to try my hand at bonsai, and would like to see the work you and your brothers do.

We shall see if this ever comes to fruition. In the meantime, I shall continue to visit you here on your blog.

May God continue to guide you with His light of life through His Son, Jesus.