Saturday, June 24, 2006

Monastic Brothers

Fr. Damien Thompson, on the left, is the Abbot of our monastery in Gethsemani, Kentucky. He was here for a few days a couple of weeks ago. He met with most of the monks and we enjoyed having him here. He was in Maryknoll for many years and then became a Trappist monk.
Fr. Ed Morley, in the right, is one of ours and he is from Philadelphia. We wash dishes together and I can always count on him to get me laughing with one or more of his jokes. He handles all the incoming office-related mail and does a lot of correspondence related work for the Abbot.

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Christina said...

Hi James,
I thank you for letting me know you have new posts! I am now up to date on your previous many? Well, all of them. I am much looking forward to hearing more about your journey. I would especially like to hear more about your search in life and thoughts about God. Considering the fact that you are a Monk and sound as though you get much time to read, write and contemplate, I'd like to know more about your thoughts on the trinity and the after life. I have my own thoughts on it but am still always searching and learning. I keep getting emails from a client who is a very devout Catholic. He seems to have all the heart but, a very judgemental and opinionated outlook on faith. I can't really say I'm the blind faith sort. I have read some and studied some and found my way back to where I started. I'm quite contented with that. I noticed in your previous post you stated that you were book signing. Is there something I can order that you pened? I just think that people who devote their entire life to Christ must know more about the subject then I do. I always wonder about keeping my balance while living in this city and knowing so many different types of people. I think you are right about the many colors in God's palate. I just there truly only one way? And if there is, how can God not reach people? Do athiests go to heaven if they are good people? Ahhh, so many questions. Please write when you get a chance. I realize that the answers are in our hearts.
All my best,