Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thirsty Boots

There is a song “Thirsty Boots” by Eric Anderson. I cannot remember what the song is about and I now wonder what it means that boots have thirst. Maybe the words mean that a person’s feet can thirst for the road, if the place one needs to go is important enough.

Some people get their boots wet and they need to dry. Others may want their boots to get wet and so they leave them on a window sill or on the road. It is hard to tell, sometimes, why people do the things that they do.

But the song says that boots get thirsty.

And I look about me and try to understand that people do some funny things, things that may seem strange at first. But a song can be written about them and beauty can be made from them. It is a nice way, I think, to walk through life and to take what may seem strange and give it a place of beauty in a song or on a page. We all thirst for something good – and it is worth the walk to get our feet wet and find it.

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