Thursday, December 10, 2009

At the Barn

Yesterday was quite warm…the temperatures climbed into the sixties in the afternoon. It turned colder overnight so it was chilly and windy today. And sunny. It is supposed to get very cold tonight, down into the low twenties. Yesterday I worked most of the day in our bonsai pottery barn, boxing and sending out the many Christmas orders that have come in. Hal, our UPS driver, came by in the morning and parked his van in front of the barn. He called us outside and pointed to a four-foot black snake that was apparently roused from its hibernation by the warm weather. I do not like snakes, even though I know black snakes are not poisonous. We stood around it and it curled up a bit and then after a while slithered off into the nearby field. I had my camera and took some pictures. I will see if I can somehow label them. We have a lot of fun down there. The work is consistent but not really hard or laborious. The barn is big. It was a dairy barn years ago, when the monks first came here. About fourteen years ago, we cleared it out, put in shelves and then ordered containers of bonsai pottery from Japan and China. We have a very large selection of very fine pottery, tools, wires, books and other bonsai essentials. You can follow, if you like, these links to check out our bonsai, food items, and other store items.

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